Cycle Day 3- No Stress for Me

It is the dawn of a new era: Non-stressed TTC. I have decided to be calm from now on. How are you planning such a feat, you may ask? By distracting myself with so many extra-curriculars that I simply do not have time to think about getting pregnant. I am going to write a book. Laugh, if you will, but I think it will be a great way to get involved with something else and de-stress. I’ll let you all know when I reach the NY Times Bestsellers list. LOL.

Seriously, though, all those stress hormones cannot be conducive to getting KTFU, so I am going to destroy them!

On a TTC note, I started Clomid again today. 50mg this morning to be followed by the same amount in the evening. Hopefully I won’t be mood-swinging and hot-flashing like crazy this time tomorrow. I will keep you, my loyal internet buddies, updated.

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3 thoughts on “Cycle Day 3- No Stress for Me

  1. baker_ame

    I am sorry to hear that AF showed her ugly face! I’m still trying to play catch up from the past couple of days… stupid snow days.


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