I’m going slowly crazy.

I cracked and took a test this morning. BFN, of course. Tomorrow is my official FF test day. As you can see from my cracked out chart, my body hates me. My temp went back up this morning to where it has been. Implantation dip? Methinks not. I have cramps like a biotch and I even have that pressure feeling you get when the floodgates are about to open. I wish you just knew instantly if you were pregnant, like during sex some ray of light shines down on you and a voice yells “you’re pregnant! Wahoo!” Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead, we get to wait out a torturous two weeks and try to talk ourselves down from thinking we possibly got knocked up because the disappointment will be much too horrid if we’re not. Being a girl blows.

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2 thoughts on “I’m going slowly crazy.

  1. krisztarobbin

    I hope the cramps are related to the ute growing and not about to shed its lining. I am also anxiously awaiting your results tomorrow. It ain’t over yet!


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