First Baby Gifts and Major Nervousness

So, DH’s birthday was Friday, as I discussed last week. The in-laws came over for dinner to celebrate and brought with them mucho gifts! They gave DH lots of fun tools to play with, and some cute baby things! I refuse to buy anything for the baby until we’re out of first tri, but I don’t have a problem with other people buying stuff (why? don’t know!) Anyway, they got us a red Chicco Backpack from Babies ‘r Us for carrying the baby around. DH used to ride in one of these when his dad mowed the grass, so they really wanted him to have his own. So sweet, and it’s my favorite color: RED! Then, they got us this cute Infantino surfboard tummy time mat because DH loves to surf. It was a really fun night.

Saturday was the BFF’s baby shower, which was great. It went really well and she got lots of great stuff. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut because there were three other pregnant women there and that’s all anyone was talking about. I wanted to yell “I am, too!” but didn’t, of course.

Now, onto more pressing matters. Our u/s is tomorrow. I. AM. A. NERVOUS. WRECK. To put it very mildly. I didn’t have barely any of my normal symptoms this weekend, like the food aversions or nausea (except once Saturday night when I hung over the toilet for 15 minutes waiting for vomit that never came) so I have been a freaking mess worrying about it. I am not as bloated as I have been, either. I am so glad I get to go tomorrow and check on things because I can’t wait any longer. I don’t know how people can wait for 12 weeks for one ultrasound, I think I’d die of anxiety. Anyway, I pray that everything looks good tomorrow with our little monkey. I did start to feel icky this morning, so hopefully all is well.

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13 thoughts on “First Baby Gifts and Major Nervousness

  1. Mrs. MidAtlantic

    If you gently press your tummy between your hips, you might be able to feel a firmness that is your uterus. I've been doing this a lot lately to feel better about the babe, since my symptoms seem to be letting up!

  2. Mrs. Newlywed

    Ah! That backpack is unbelievably cute. Seriously…and buying it because DH rode around in one? Even cuter.

    I am just so over the moon for the two of you!

  3. Nlvaden

    I love that carrier! We will both have good u/s tomorrow. I just know it! GL! (but you wont need it)

  4. SweetSpikette

    nice stuff :)
    good luck tomorrow.
    i'll be thinking of you while i'm having mine at the exact same time. they'll both be great, i know it.


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