Bought Some Crib Bedding!

So, I have been looking online at crib bedding since before I even got pregnant. May seem extreme, but I am SO picky when it comes to that kind of thing, preliminary research was necessary. It didn’t take long to discover that I don’t like anything out there under $400. Yikes. I refuse to spend that kind of money on bedding for a tiny baby! If money were no object, my favorite thus far has been this little number called “Argyle Sage” by Little House for $340:

So cute (I am obsessed with Argyle), but way too much money.

Enter TJ Maxx last night.

I was perusing the baby section, the first time I’ve been since we found out the sex, and found the cutest little changing pad cover in an argyle print. I snagged it up and secretly wished to find bedding in the same print. Lo and behold, around the corner was the same print in baby bedding! Score! $60. Bigger score! It looks almost identical to the expensive brand that I adore for WAY less money. It’s “Argyle” by Wendy Bellissimo (a brand Babies ‘r Us carries) and it’s all 100% cotton and actually has higher thread count compared to some of the pricier brands. I went ahead and bought it, figuring if Trevor hated it, I could just return it. He liked it! Yay! Here are some pictures:

This is the top of the packaging it came in- you can see the sheet and skirt patterns better:

Better picture of the argyle fabric:

I really like it, and the cool thing is, that I found these adorable letters on Etsy this week and they match EXACTLY! The girl that does these must have looked at this bedding as inspiration or something. The letters on Etsy go for $20 each, so I am going to do them myself, instead. I’ll just use the picture as inspiration:

I have many more nursery ideas, which I will share as we put them into being. We are going with our moms to browse nursery furniture this weekend, but I don’t think we’ll actually order it until after our anatomy scan at 21 weeks. Happy Friday, ladies!

Oh, and here’s a belly pic from today:

And comment moderation is now on. :) Some “people” are starting to irritate me, and I am stressed out enough being pregnant- I don’t need any further annoyances. Everyone’s comments will be approved unless they’re unnecessarily obnoxious. Kisses!

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21 thoughts on “Bought Some Crib Bedding!

  1. Rebecca

    How exicting! Very cute bedding…decorating for babies is so much fun…I absolutely love Pottery Barn Kids too…great stuff!

  2. Kate

    Cute stuff and cute bump. I seriously think you should do an anonymous poll to see what people really think of the name Knox. Just trying to help.

  3. Danemama08

    PS. Just got done reading your comments, some people are R.U.D.E!!!!
    Its your name… if you and daddy like it then who cares if the whole world hates it!

  4. Rebecca

    Cutest bump ever!! I am so jealous. I can't wait until I have a bump. I love the bedding too. And I love the name you chose so Kate you can GTFO. Your manners are horrendous.


  5. Nlvaden

    A month or so ago, mama bargains had that little house bedding on there for like 8 bucks a piece! You had to buy everything seperatley, but it was an amaising price! You look so great. Little Knox will be here before you know it. Your bedding that you did choose is an incredible deal and is very stylish!

  6. SweetSpikette

    Very cute bedding! I just saw some gorgeous argyle stuff at Land of Nod the other day (I think) but I'm sure you scored a much better deal. Way to go TJMaxx! And very cute bump :)

  7. Meli

    I love the bedding and especially the letters. Those look like they should be pretty easy to do by yourself, and for way less than $20 a piece!

    I can't believe anyone would think you even WANT their opinion on a baby name. I think Knox Compton is an awesome name!

  8. Kim

    Hey there! I found your blog while searching for this bedding! I hope you don't mind, but I'm posting pictures of it and I used some of your pictures. Since I'm doing this, I linked to your blog! PLEASE tell me to take them off if you don't want me too use them! But they were the best pictures of the bedding I could find. And I always try to post pics of the bedding that I painted a canvas to match! Thanks so much – kim!

  9. Amanda

    I wondered what is the brand of the spindle crib pictured above with the argyle bedding. I am looking for a spindle crib in off white.

    1. Ami DeCarlo

      Hello I know this my seem random, but I too found this bedding in tj maxx back in 2009, before I married my husband! Well now we are expecting a little boy & finally get to use this bedding! I’m in need of any extra stuff I can find that matches it!! If you still have it & interested in getting rid of any please let me know! Thank you

      1. Jessica Post author

        Ami, we didn’t end up using the bedding- I returned it shortly after buying it, so I don’t have anything! Sorry!


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