Meet Knox!

Here he is, in all his adorable glory! I have looked at these pictures a million times already… And thank you guys for all the congratulatory messages yesterday. I spent all of yesterday daydreaming about our baby boy- it is so amazing to be able to say “him” and refer to him by name.

Profile Shot:

Hands over his face:

Money Shot:

Doing Crunches- guess he is already into working out like his Daddy:

Playing Peek-a-boo:

Baby Foot:

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12 thoughts on “Meet Knox!

  1. MrsChristian

    Hi JLT! You don't know me, but I've been following your blog. My husband and I are currently dealing with IF and I just wanted to say Congratulations on your baby boy! He's adorable and I love the name!

  2. Meli

    Isn't it amazing how just a few weeks ago, he was a little bean on the u/s screen, and now he's moving around and doing things in there, and looking like a real baby?! Pregnancy is such a miracle!

  3. MrsChristian

    Thanks so much for the advice! My RE said that my bloodwork didn't confirm PCOS, but my ovaries looked polysystic, so she's a little confused. We're going to see how this clomid cycle goes and then I'll hopefully be put on Metformin if I'm not KU this time. Hopefully we'll get lucky like you guys and not have to do IUI/IVF.


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