Wall Letters: Complete!

I got inspired this weekend to be crafty, so I decided to go ahead and tackle the wall letters. These are the letters I saw on Etsy and loved, but I refused to pay $20 PER letter when I knew I could do it myself.

I went to Michael’s and got all the goods to do it for $30. I couldn’t find basic circles to use, so I got circular plaques with a beveled edge and just used the back. I painted each circle the background color, first. Then, I freehanded the letters on paper and made myself stencils so I wouldn’t get pencil all over the circles. Then, I started with painting the letter and added in details. I did one letter at a time. Then, I put a clear topcoat on each one to prevent scuffs or nicks and hot glued the ribbon to the back. Voila! Wall Art! Here is the finished product:

We really like how they turned out! It took about three hours to do the actual painting, and only about 15 minutes to attach the ribbon.

We also went browsing for baby furniture this weekend, and MAN are there WAY too many choices!! We got stuck between about three. Of course my favorite is the most expensive, but that’s always the case. It was espresso and had lots of pretty details. Trevor fells in love with a big, chunky crib (which was awesome) but the finish was antique black, and it didn’t go with the idea I had for the room. It didn’t come in espresso, either. Boo. I think we’ll have to go back again so we can make a final decision!

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18 thoughts on “Wall Letters: Complete!

  1. Trish

    I love them! You did such a great job. I did the same thing for my son's Kyle's room…except with camoflaugh print and all by free hand. Each letter took me about 1 hr to do…..are we great mom's or what???

    And thank goodness we both picked short names for or kids…that makes it soooooo much easier!

  2. Angeline

    wow that looks amazing! if you wouldnt have told us you did it I would have thought you bought the real deal! I like yours a lot better! very crafty Mrs. Southern Bell ;)

  3. Janae

    You did such an amazing job on the letter hangs! And I love the bedding you've found! That's so awesome that you got something pretty similar to the expensive bedding but for MUCH less!
    Awesome! Great job on both!

  4. Ashley Schultz

    So cute! I love them. I kind of want some with *my* name haha!!

    Do you have a public Facebook or anything Jessica? I'm just curious.

  5. CrazyBrideCrazyWife

    Those are adorable – your so crafty!

    I know what you mean about stuff being expensive. Initially I wanted everything new but then I had a friend whose sun hardly used his crib an changing table (she paid $900 for the set). She told me she would sell them to me for 125 – solid oak .. I'm sold! LOL


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