Ways to Make a Pregnant Chick Feel Fat

So, Trevor got measured for a tux yesterday (for a wedding we’re both in September 12). I picked up my bridesmaids dress, which is not even close to fitting (thanks Knox!), so I am going to have to have it majorly altered. Trevor disagreed with the chest measurement at the tux place. “They said my chest was 40 inches. I don’t think so. Will you measure it?” So I measured his chest. 42 inches. Nice. Trevor was pleased. This started a trend: measure my bicep, measure my waist, measure my… LOL, JK. Anyway, I measured his waist 32 inches. Then comes “Let’s measure your chest and waist!” Bottom line. I am now a brick that measures 36″ 36″ 36″. Wow. My husband has bigger boobs than me (which I knew) and now has a smaller waist. It’s okay, the baby is well worth the fatness, but I just thought I would share that my husband is a hot piece of ass that is continually getting more attractive and well-built while I am getting rounder all over. How fair is that? Where is that sympathy weight he is supposed to be gaining? Not saying that I am fat, I know I am growing a baby, but come on, DH, no more measurement comparisons!

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14 thoughts on “Ways to Make a Pregnant Chick Feel Fat

  1. Kate

    I'm sorry, but I have to be honest. That name is HORRIBLE. The poor kid. You're naming him Knox? First of all, doesn't some celebrity have a kid with that name? Are you trying to pretend you are a celebrity? Second of all, could you be trying any harder to be different and unique? That name is horrible. Reconsider for the sake of your kid. Kthanxbai.

  2. Ashley Schultz

    Yikes… That was nice.

    I like Knox. It's original, and I love names with an "x" in them. My fav at the moment is "Margeux" (said Margo).

    Ignore the haters.

  3. Nlvaden

    I love that name Knox! Whoever the hell Kate is needs to go suck it. She is just jealous she didnt think of it first.

    Now back to what I was going to post. He is gaining sympathy muscle.

    Oh! And maybe along with belly pictures, you could post the progression of your juicy Dh's muscles…lol j/k…but not really.

  4. Anne

    Wow Kate, maybe you should learn to keep your rude, negative comments to yourself. Just because YOU think the name is horrible, does not mean that it really is. Shit, that is why it is called an opinion. Yours of which, is not welcome here.

    I love the named you picked out as well, especially Compton. Anyways, I think that your hubby is def. just gaining muscle. And sweetie you are not fat, you are pregnant. 36 inches is nothing. :) You are gorgeous.

  5. Rebecca

    Dear Kate,

    FY! I love the name Knox almost as much as I love JLT. Jealousy doesn't suit you. Kthanxbai.


  6. Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT)

    Dear Kate,

    Thank you SO much for your honesty!! I LOVED reading your sweet little comment. Didn't you know that I AM a celebrity? That is why I have to work oh so hard to keep up with all my celeb buddies. Now, run along and leave snark on some other blogs. kthanxbai right back at ya.



    -Had to edit to say, in all seriousness, I do welcome the opinions and comments of other people, but do it in a constructive way, not one obviously meant to be mean and nasty. Your scathing comment is not going to make me change my kid's name, which we love.

  7. ManderRae

    way to go Jessica :) I really like the name and honestly I wish I had thought of it first! :) keep up the blogging I enjoy them bunches!

  8. Megan

    Wow, Kate, that was really rude. At 17 weeks pregnant, I'm learning how incredibly horrible people can be about things that aren't even their business. It's not your baby, Kate. No one asked for your opinion. Ignore her, Jessica!

    And yeah, no more measurements with your hubby! I was admiring my hubby's cellulite free, perfet bare ass this morning, and moaning about how much my body has…well…expanded. Very thrilled to be growing this precious baby, but seriously!

  9. Alyssa

    No offense, because I <3 you and I know that gaining wait can suck.
    But every single one of those measurements is smaller than me with an empty ute.
    So… :P


  10. Mrs. S

    I'm wish Isha on this one, at 17 weeks pregnant, you're still smaller than me. You're beautiful!

    Oh, and Kate, STFU.

  11. Lily Pad

    I think you are still skinnier than me, and I'm not even pregnant. :) Post a belly picture!

    And Kate, STFU. I like Knox.


  12. Kate

    Okay but at least I am honest. JLT, do an anonymous poll of that name and I BET you will find that most everyone hates the name too. They just won't say it to your face. It really sucks.


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