Woo hoo!

We are well-rested today! My sweet mom volunteered to come over last night to help me with Knox. I’ve managed to get yet another sinus infection, I think this is my fourth in six months?? I used to only get sick twice a year, at the change of seasons (yes, we only have two seasons in SC… hot and hotter), but I guess that’s what lack of sleep does to your immune system! Anyway, the plan was for me to get a full night of sleep so I can try to shake this illness, and she would wake up with Knox. Well. The kid only woke up twice! Can you believe that?! I couldn’t! He is doing so much better (knock on wood)- I guess it’s a combo of the Advil and the weaning, which is amazing. He went down for a nap so easily today, too, so something is going right.

Unfortunately, his seemingly easy transition to milk was merely a tease- he now wants nothing to do with it. Oh well, back to the drawing board on that one! He still wants water, though, and is guzzling cups of ┬áit like he’s dying of dehydration. He’s very dramatic. Wonder where he gets that from? ;) I tried to just give him milk in hopes he’d give up and drink it, but I knew he was thirsty and once he got a hold of that water, he drank and drank. Our doctor said we could try soy milk, so maybe I’ll try that straight or mix it with whole milk. Or I’ll try mixing milk with his favorite thing ever, yogurt, like blog reader Kate recommended. One way or another, this child will be getting some milk in his system, like it or not!

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17 thoughts on “Woo hoo!

  1. nikki

    a friend of mine couldn’t get her daughter to drink cows milk, but she loved the drinkable yogurts… so she added milk to them a little at a time until it was all milk.

  2. Erica S

    All you can do is to keep trying with the milk, but don’t stress about it. As long as he gets other forms of dairy then there’s no need for concern. My 1st two were on soymilk for the LONGEST time. Like, years. I, too, combine milk with those yogurt smoothie drink thingys and my kids just CHUG-A-LUG. Glad he only woke up twice!

  3. Anne

    Hey Jessica, have you considered almond milk? We do not drink milk in our house…and we prefer it so much more over soy or rice milk! :) Glad you got some sleep last night, and feel better!

  4. Tam

    a friend of mine got her little one to drink it by mixing it with water and gradually increasing the milk. Also – what are you doing with the milk you are pumping off? You could ease him into whole milk if you cut it with the breastmilk.

    1. Jessica Post author

      He acts like we’re psychos if we try to give him breast milk in a cup. LOL. I don’t have much, anyway, since I’m down to pumping once a day already. Things slowed down pretty quickly!

  5. jessica blood

    I have three children and one on the way. When I weaned mine I started them on 1% milk for a month then 2% milk for a month then whole milk. That way they gradually got use to it, and it wasn’t breastfeeding to straight whole milk, which has a different texture and taste.

  6. Andrea

    My boys looove the soy milk! My oldest was the same way when he weaned, it was only a matter of weeks before he slept through the night. When he nursed, he was up A LOT at night.
    You are giving me encouragement to wean my Griffin, he is already kind of doing it himself but we will have to intervene and cut him off at some point.

  7. Mrs. Bee

    I am by no means a doctor so you would certainly need to ask Knox’s doctor before you tried this, but my best friend, Erin, over at http://www.erinrey.blogspot.com gives her baby 1% milk cuz he had an absolutely horrible time with whole milk. The doctor told her it was perfectly okay and she could even give him skim milk if she really wanted to because he was getting enough dairy from cheese, yogurt, and other dairy sources. In fact, if Knox likes water so much he might even like skim because it is so thin. I hate trying to give out advice to you mommies because I’m not a mommy yet myself and I don’t know what ya’ll go through but her and I were actually just discussing milk for Parker yesterday and I thought I’d pass the info your way in case you’ve only tried giving him whole milk. Take care girlie!


    1. Jessica Post author

      Our doctor okayed 2% for him, but we don’t have that at home, so I mixed skim and whole today, but no dice. I gave him two yogurts this morning to make sure he’s getting all his calcium and such. We’ll be trying soy this weekend!

  8. Erin

    I have been reading, but terribile at commenting!! Did I ever write about how amazing his bday party was. WoW!! The theme was just to die for. All the touches..I wish we could have been guests!!

    And Im glad weaning is going well for you. I miss breastfeeding so much and my heart hurts a little to think about our last session..

    I hope Knoxs sleep improves soon.

    Phew, I think Im caught up! :0)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thanks, Erin! I’ve been the same, lately, just reading and not doing as much commenting- I need to get on the ball!


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