My Dirty Secret

In the spirit of full disclosure, here it is: I have a very dirty secret. Upstairs in my normally tidy house, there is a door.

If you come over to my house, this door is almost always closed. There is a reason for that. The first being that when it’s open, I break out into hives of nervousness and get generally stressed out. The second being that I don’t want you to judge me when you see what’s behind it.

Well, I like to think that I am generally pretty honest with you guys, my favorite internet buddies, so here you go: my dirty secret.

Behind door #1 is….

The Guest Room of Doom. I can’t believe I am showing you this. This room collects all of the junk, crap and stuff that we don’t know what to do with, don’t have room for, or can’t/won’t/don’t feel like dealing with any given moment. Every couple of months, we go in, clean up the whole thing and it looks great for a couple weeks. Then, slowly but surely, the junk creeps back in. I blame Trevor for this. Why? Because he’s not here to defend himself. :)

Seriously, it generally starts after my sweet husband takes out his much-loved camping stuff from the attic or closet. He inevitably won’t feel like putting it back up, so it “temporarily” goes into the guest room until we get motivated to move it. The real villain in this story is the attic- it’s such a pain to stick stuff up there so we shove it in the guest room until we get motivated. Anyway, once one thing goes in, it’s like the floodgates of junk open up and swallow up the room. I feel like once it’s a little messy, it’s okay to shove everything I come across in there and ignore it. It doesn’t help that it’s one of only two rooms in our house that still has the hideous forest green carpet (we’ve replaced the rest) so I generally shut the door anyway. A closed door is like an invitation for me to hide things behind it! It’s a sickness, really.

Just because, here are some more pictures of the room detailing exactly what kind of junk is filling it:

I just realized that I am just like Monica on “FRIENDS” with her crazy messy closet. Oh no.

I do plan on cleaning this room this weekend. But while we’re sharing, do you have a spot where you shove all your junk? Or is it just Monica and I? Oh, the shame.

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27 thoughts on “My Dirty Secret

  1. Kristy

    Ha! I totally thought of Monica before I even got down to your mentioning it! I have this same kind of room, but it’s our office. And I, too, shut the door. I pray that it remained closed during Paxton’s birthday party a couple weekends ago, but since I was outside part of the time, there is a chance that someone opened the dreaded door and got a peek inside. Embarrassing!

  2. Mrs.S

    I totally have one of those rooms. Thanks to my sister we tackled it two weekends ago. It feels good to actually be able to see the carpet. Don’t get me started on the vacuum lines that are still there! love it!

  3. Joette

    We have a sunroom that we have lovingly dubbed our junkroom. It’s a crappy room that needs to be renovated, so we find that it is best used as a “storage” room. We live in a ranch-style house with the ittiest-bittiest of closests, no garage, and a pain-in-the-rear ceiling attic. Sooo….

    Whenever we don’t know what to do with something, I always tell my hubby to put it in the sunroom. I’ve offended him a few times when he’s had things he wanted to hang on the walls for decoration, and I tell him he can hang it on one of the walls in the sunroom.

    1. Jessica Post author

      Bwahaha that is awesome you tell him to hang stuff in the sunroom! Men have their own ideas about decorating!

  4. Megan

    Heck no! It’s not just you. We have two spare rooms in our house, and when I don’t want to deal? Everything piles on the guest bed, and I shut the door. For the same reason. When I open the door, and see the mess, this neat-freak TOTALLY FREAKS OUT. I am happy to know there are others out there, just like me! :)

  5. Cass

    I love you reading your blog, it often makes me laugh and can generally turn my day around. I can relate to so many of your posts. But this one in particular (and the one about boobs after nursing!) really strike a cord with me. I have what my husband has dubbed “important boxes” They are a colletction of rubbermaid bins strategically placed throughout my house that seem to collect the random idontknowwhattodowithallthiscrap so I’ll shove it here bins. About once every six months in an attempt to pare down the bins to maybe one or two, I purge whatever I can part with, like 500 sheets of “artwork” from my 6 year old that she has likely forgotten about. The problem lies in the fact that often times I will “lose” something and need to go buy a new one, and often times during my bi-annual purge I find said missing item and now have two with no where to store them. I am trying to find a new system because not only is it frustrating to not have a place to store stuff it is costing me a fortune to replace supposedly “lost” items. Sorry to ramble on your page but I truly get this one :)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thank you so much, that is an awesome compliment!

      I think Rubbermaid containers are super dangerous! They’re so easy to fill up and stuff places. I may have two of them in my guest room closet. Or four.

  6. Jessica

    Monica was the first thing that popped in my head as well!! (But I’m a Friends fanatic) Haha, it’s ok, everyone has their own ‘dirty little secret; 😉

    1. Jessica Post author

      Trevor always tells me how annoying Monica is when we watch “Friends,” and I’m always like “Hi, you are aware that you’re married to her, right?” LOL

  7. Mrs. R

    For me it’s drawers. I’ll slowly but surely turn 4 or 5 of them in to “junk drawers” until my husband notices and makes me clean them out before he goes through and just starts throwing stuff away. It usually starts with coupons, a recipe torn from a magazine, a sweet card from someone, etc. Not too bad…but soon anything that’s missing from it’s appropriate “home” can be found in those drawers, (batteries, spare grocery bags for trash cans, lighters, zip ties, screws, etc.) I’m a pack rat!

  8. Selina

    Haha!! When hubby & I first got married, we had a 2 bedroom apt, and the 2nd bedroom was worse than your guest room, if you can believe it!
    In our current house, we only have the closet in the family room – which is a LOT smaller than the old bedroom, and we got rid of a ton of junk we didn’t need when we moved. But that closet it still a danger zone, lol.

  9. ~A

    My dirty little secret is definitely my dresser back home. It’s not really a dresser. . . more like a drawer system filled with crap I didn’t want to take with me to college but didn’t want to get rid of. Things like old receipts, boxes from jewelry Superman has given me, and high school momentos have found there home in the dresser of doom. A big part of the problem is that because I’m not at home, the dresser has also begun to accumulate stuff from my sisters, too. Like, last time I went home, I had gained a fuzzy pillow and a pair of zebra print jeans. Yeah. Things like that.

    You’re very brave, you know, to share this with us!!

  10. Stephanie

    I have the same junk/guest room!!!!!!! It drives me crazy! I’ve been trying diligently to find a new place for everything in the room because IT’S ABOUT TO BECOME THE NURSERY…

    *cue panic*

    I have less than 6 months to become an orgnanized person with no freebie junk room. Not sure if I can do it! =)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Good luck!! I will be in big trouble if and when we have another baby and that room has to have a purpose!

  11. Laura

    Hahaha! When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, we had TONS of extra space. (We doubled the square footage from the condo we were renting.) I swore it would take eons to fill up. Well, add one baby to the mix and it’s amazing how quickly empty space gets occupied. Fortunately, we have a basement. Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, it is a dump. I literally open the door and throw things down the stairs. It’s getting a little scary down there. Every time I have to go down there to find something, I cringe and swear I’ll clean it up soon. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. At this rate it’s going to be April before I get to it (seriously — between working, Shelby’s birthday, grad school, and a family trip, I don’t have time). In the meantime, at least I don’t have to see it!

    1. Jessica Post author

      We have a basement, too, but it doubles as Trevor’s workout area, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m not allowed to put any “stuff” down there because it will interfere with his workout space. Men.

  12. Ashley

    LOL hun I totally get this my catch alls my laundry room the shelves in there…..Oh lord, lets jsut say since its right off my kitchen Its convenient to shove stuff in there when we have unexpected company or get togethers or just dont know what to do with it at the given time. LOL I go through once a month organize it swear it will stay that way and within 2 weeks its chaos again….my house is small which is why we are buying a new one next summer lets just say 6 years ago when we bought this cozy little starter home we didnt think we would have 4 babies back to back to back to back lol wouldnt trade anything for them though which is why I have a junk it room :)

  13. kandi

    ha. its called “the office”…… and its off the entryway, and it stays closed. it has my photography work station, props, bookshelves, and all of my crafting supplies. only. no shelves…. but wait! isn’t the floor just a great big ol’ shelf, anyway!? yes! 😀 hahaha

  14. Kaitlin

    Hi Jessica,

    This is my first time commenting, but I totally love your blog. I appreciate your refreshing honesty and straightforward nature, love reading your tips on baby stuff and all things green (especially now, as I am FINALLY pregnant after 3+ years of trying and one successful IVF), and of course I think Knox is seriously one of the cutest children ever :) Keep up the good writing!!

    Like a bunch of us commenting, Monica immediately came to mind. I am in the same situation as well, only my husband no longer calls the guest room by name. Instead, he has dubbed it “the bad room.” Funny how the “bad room” contains quite a bit of his stuff!

    Have a great week!

  15. Stephanie

    Ahahhaa! That’s awesome! I totally have a room like that. It’s our office. It has been even messier than that and I’ve cleaned it completely 2-3 times in the 5 years we’ve lived in our house. It’s currently pretty clean, but we’ll see how long it lasts. It’s like I have to have at least one room filled with random stuff, because where else would I put it?! Our guest room also used to be a 2nd catch-all, but that was converted to the nursery :)

  16. Tara

    If I posted a pic of my room it would make yours look immaculate. I thought I was the only one with laundry room doors stored in another room of the house! And we call our junk room “the staging area”. I have a feeling alot of people have this exact same dirty secret, thanks for sharing yours and making me feel better about mine!

  17. Holly

    I am ROLLING! I am a Type-A big time but if you go to our office, well, good luck getting the door open!!

    Sending you crazy-Monica love!



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