Projects Snowballing

Do you ever feel like when you finish one project, another springs up from the depths to irritate you? Case in point: I finish the laundry room this weekend. Trevor starts painting some trim around the interior of the house. We FINALLY paint the baseboards in our half bath that someone (certainly not me… okay, maybe me) spilled paint all over three years ago. And this morning? Our toilet paper holder falls off of the wall. Darn it. It wouldn’t be so bad if the dry wall hadn’t split when it fell out. Have I mentioned the half-bath is already riddled with patched places in the walls? I think something is wrong with that dry wall, personally, because nothing manages to stay anchored for very long. Hand towel holder? Fell off of the wall. Original TP holder? Falling out before I ripped it out to replace it. Current TP holder? We’ve been through this. It’s on the floor. And yes! I used special dry wall anchors. They aren’t so special, it turns out.

I like doing projects when I choose to do them, not so much when they’re forced upon me. Drat. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend… nagging my husband to install another fixture in the bathroom. Ha!

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