What’s wild, fast and spotted all over?

Okay, well, yes, but in this case, the answer we’re looking for is “Knox.” Poor little guy seems to have come down with a case of Roseola. Last week, we took a trip to the doctor because he had a fever and was very irritable. He was diagnosed with a virus, of course, because he never gets anything that can be cured with an antibiotic, it seems. The next day he sprouted a light rash (doesn’t this always happen after you’ve left the doctor’s office??) over his belly. I called back the doctor, and they said to call back if it didn’t go away in a couple of days. The next day: holy cow. It was everywhere! All over his back, belly, behind his ears and across his forehead. Today, it’s faded slightly, but could last up to a week. He seems to feel just fine, though, thankfully. Look how pitiful he looks.

I'm not so sure about being photographed in this condition...

Despite being heavily speckled, Knox had a great weekend and took his first steps last night! Woo hoo! We knew this was coming soon because he was getting very brave when cruising along the furniture and would let go and stand alone for long periods. It seemed to be bravery issue with him- he just didn’t want to let go! He definitely did last night, though, and chased after a little book we picked up in the Target dollar section. Great investment, if you ask me! Here it is, all caught on video (about the 0:20 mark is where he gets going!):

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10 thoughts on “What’s wild, fast and spotted all over?

    1. Jessica Post author

      Oh my gosh, you’re so sweet, thank you! And yes, you can have some of my hair, I have enough for about 25 people. :)

  1. Megan

    Way to go, Knox! Soon you’re going to be walking as fast as Connor! Watch out, Mama – Connor did this exact same thing and just 7 days later, he’s all over the house! So exciting. :)

    You and your hubs have most awesome accents ever (to the ears of this CA native). Too cute! Can’t wait to hear Knox start talking with that twang! xo

  2. Tara Rathbun

    Forget the hair I’ll take your figure! LOL
    Jacob had the same rash about 2 weeks ago. It sprouted 2 days before his birthday of course :0)


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