Two Band-aids and one fauxhawk

Poor Knox had a rough experience in the church nursery this week. I was sitting in my sunday school class, when the door opened, and a very out-of-breath blonde woman asked to see me in the hallway. Generally, this happens when new people are in the nursery and they go to change Knox’s diaper and realize it’s not a disposable. So, that’s what I was expecting when she hit me with “Knox had a little accident.” We proceeded to book it towards the nursery while she told me what happened. He was playing with a little plastic push-toy when he tripped over it. As he fell, apparently the nice squishy part of his leg got stuck in the wheel of the toy… and wouldn’t come out. Knox was getting progressively more hysterical and they finally had to YANK his sweet little leg out of it. It makes me cringe to think about it.

When I got there, they had Knox in an empty nursery room with one of the volunteers, who was rocking and cuddling him. They were trying to hold an ice pack on it, but he was having none of that. As soon as I picked him up, he was already waving “bye-bye” to the ladies… he was ready to get out of there! Poor thing. Look at this gnarly bruise on his tiny leg!

That red line is actually a blood blister, under his skin where he got pinched. It did break the skin a bit, so we’ve been putting Neosporin and band-aids on it. Knox is not bothered by it in the least, in fact, he rips off of his bandages whenever he notices them.

Yesterday, Trevor ended up only working a half shift, so we were able to go together to take Knox for a hair cut. We were letting it grow out some, but it was starting to really get into his eyes. It’s definitely not in his eyes, now! We got another fauxhawk-style cut, and it’s SO cute! I tried to take a picture of he and I on the computer this morning since I never have any of the two of us, but as usual, he was not cooperating. So here are several pictures from our photo session from this morning:

It’s crazy how light this kid’s hair is! I have no idea where that came from. You’d think with two brown-haired, brown-eyed parents, he’d have darker coloring than he does. I tell you, I think he gets cuter by the day.

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8 thoughts on “Two Band-aids and one fauxhawk

  1. Jaime

    Hi Jessica, glad you had such a great time on vacation (minus the period part) and that is amazing about your dad! I’m praying so hard that he continues on that path. His really acknowledging his issues is one of the biggest signs that things really can move forward, even with some setbacks. Also, Knox’s new cut is super cute! But mostly, I wanted to thank you for posting the issues about his taking off his diapers. Do you use any snap diapers? I’m definitely thinking velcro is not the way to go for us. Based on mine and my husband’s personality, I can totally see the baby in my belly doing something like that! Ugh!!

  2. Megan

    Poor sweet boy! That looks painful, so I’m happy it’s not bothering him. What a brave, tough boy you are, Knox!

    Jess, oh my gosh, your boy. So cute, I could slurp him up with a straw. Love the haircut and you, Mama, are gorgeous! And yes, how did our dark-haired newborns suddenly get so blonde (ish)? Cuter by the day is right!

  3. Ashley D

    Poor baby! :( What a cute hair-do for a cute kid! :) I understand about the light hair, my husband and I are both brown-eyed and brown headed and my daughter ended up with the red hair that comes from my mother’s family. It’s crazy!


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