A day in the life: Bed rest edition

I thought I’d give you guys a peek into my riveting life- at least how it’s been for the past several weeks while on bed rest. I think one of the hardest things about being confined to your bed/ couch is the monotony. Luckily, having a cute two year-old helps add some excitement into the picture, but most days are pretty similar. I find myself thinking of my weeks in terms of when I get to leave the house or have someone visit. For example, “okay, it’s only two days until my doctor’s appointment” or “one day until church” or “Trevor’s working tomorrow, so ______ will be coming over to help.” I try to vary my location some, alternating between the living room and the playroom couches- I don’t actually do any resting in bed unless it’s night time and I’m asleep! For the most part, here’s how the day goes.

7:30 or 8:00 am- Wake-up. This time can vary depending on what time Knox wakes up or if it’s a preschool day.

8:00-8:30- Get Knox dressed, brush his teeth, put him in the playroom while he drinks his milk and I get ready. I do try to get dressed and fix my hair/ put on make-up every day. Otherwise, I feel like a total bum, and it makes me depressed! It’s nice to at least not look like crap if I can’t do anything! Of course, I’m only wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, but wearing pj’s all day makes me feel like I’m sick or something.

9:00 am- Breakfast for Knox and I. I’ve already taken a Procardia and drank at least two glasses of water (or chocolate milk if I had dreams about it… don’t laugh, I totally dream about drinking milk when I’m pregnant!) by this point.

*If it’s a preschool day, this whole schedule is shifted back by about half an hour. We leave the house at 8:30 for school, which is less than five minutes from our house. Trevor always takes him if he’s home, if not, I do it and pray for a close parking spot!

9:30 am- 12 pm: Chill out time. Typically I lay on the living room couch while Knox plays with his toys. Trevor’s home two out of three days, so those days are easiest since he’s here from the time Knox wakes up. He does a good job keeping Knox entertained and keeping him from injuring himself!  I try to lay down as much as I can from this point forward. Though I do get up frequently to pee. By frequently, I mean about 20 times a day. Yes, that is the actual number… I counted the other day because I thought it was getting ridiculous. I also guzzle water like crazy ALL day.

My buddy, the Nalgene bottle.

If Trevor’s working, my mom tries to come over in the mornings around 9:30, which is a big help in watching Knox!

To keep myself entertained during this time of the day, I usually watch the Today show, check my email and surf around Facebook/ twitter for a while. Of course, Knox is super playful at this hour and loves to climb up on the couch with me. He will sit and we’ll practice talking, or he’ll just cuddle for a while. He will go through all of his books, then move on to his toy basket. He’s pretty entertaining to watch, so I don’t watch much TV when he’s around!

*On preschool days, Knox gets picked up at 12:00 pm

12 pm-ish: Lunch. I do eat lunch at the table because Knox needs supervision! He usually eats some form of chicken, fruit and crackers/crunchy item, and I’ll have leftovers or a sandwich or something like that. If my mom’s over, she’ll pick up lunch for us on those days.

12:30 pm: Nap time! Trevor does this if he’s home, or my mom if he’s not. On the rare days I’m alone, I do it. While Knox is asleep, I usually read (currently “Catching Fire”… second in the Hunger Games trilogy), blog or watch something on Netflix. I’ve already gone through all of the seasons of “Parenthood” (which rocks) and am almost finished with “Downton Abbey” (also, quite awesome).

2:30-3:30: Knox wakes up and snuggles with me while he drinks his milk. This kid LOVES milk!

Then, we play, normally in the playroom for a change of scenery. If Trevor’s working, his mom comes over around this time if she’s off, or if she has to work, she’ll arrive just after 5.

I take another Procardia around this time, and am still guzzling water.

This is the longest part of the day for me, for whatever reason. It always seems to drag by!!

5:00 pm: Bath time for Knox. Trevor or his mom do this every day. I really miss giving my little water baby a bath- he loves the bathtub so much!!

6:00 pm: Dinner time! I’m getting super sick of “convenience” food items. Ie: frozen lasagna, frozen pizza, basically if it’s frozen, I’m sick of eating it! Last week I really wanted to cook something homemade, so I sat on a bar stool and made Apple Pancakes! Since I’m not on strict bed rest, I didn’t feel too badly about that!

When we grocery shop (online! Love that convenience!), I try to get things like Rotisserie chickens, Pasta-roni and microwavable veggies, so it tastes like a home-cooked meal, even if I don’t have to do much cooking! If Trevor’s working, his mom will pick us up dinner. I know. Our moms rock!!

6:30-8 pm: More living room play time for Knox. He drinks a third cup of milk around 7:30 and starts to wind down.

8:00 pm: Knox’s bed time. Trevor or his mom do this daily, as well. They brush his teeth, read him some books and lay him down. He puts himself to sleep, generally within 30 minutes or so. I did have to read to him last week because I missed it so much!

8:00 pm- 12 am: More resting. After Knox is in bed, Trevor and I may watch a show together, or just talk for a while. He normally does the dishes or some laundry, and I will get a basket of laundry and fold it on the couch. Somewhere in this time range, I take another Procardia. I also take a shower and do a devotional every night. I’m using the “Jesus Calling” devotional by Sarah Young, and it’s amazing, if you’re looking for one! It really helps me to re-focus and connect with God, which I sorely need in the midst of stress.

I continue to surf the Web, read or watch TV. Trevor usually beats me to bed- all of that laying around doesn’t make me very tired, so it’s typically 12 or 1 before I go to bed.

Then… it starts all over the next day! Super exciting, right?

I’m so, so thankful that our families have been willing to help so much, it’s been such a blessing! I can’t imagine having to do everything alone… that would take the rest out of bed rest, for sure! Plus, it’s nice to have women to talk to!

The best days, like I said earlier, are those where something “different” happens. Saturday, our awesome friends, Cole and Lindsey, came over with their two kiddos to bring us dinner. It was so sweet, and so much fun! Noah, Knox and Sam did lots of playing (and so did their dads!) in Knox’s tunnels while Lindsey and I got to talk.

This week is particularly slow because I am so ready for Saturday to get here! Saturday= 36 weeks and the end of bed rest and all medication! Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? EVERYTHING. When I went off meds with Knox, he was born five days later, so I am very curious to see how it will be with Brody!

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12 thoughts on “A day in the life: Bed rest edition

  1. Kelli

    Sister, you’re giving me flashbacks! BR was awful, but yay for almost being done! Although I will say that now I’d love for someone to sentencing me to it for just days so I could catch up on sleep ;)

  2. courtney

    I stumbled across your blog back when you were just finding out you were pregnant, and I’ve followed ever since becasue, well, I like your writing, but also because I’m just three weeks ahead of you! I was 38 weeks on Sunday. I just realized that you will go off the meds this weekend meaning that you and I may have our babies about the same time! I went into labor at 39 weeks with my son (age 4.5), so I’m thinking it’ll happen sometime early next week. We’ll see! Good luck to you!

  3. Allison

    Ok I have to know, HOW do you do devotional? I know that sounds odd, but I just purchased my first devotional through Women of Faith. However, I feel like it’s just stories with a bible verse….what am I supposed to do? :)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Allison, with the “Jesus Calling” devotional, there is a paragraph to read, then several Bible verses to look up. Basically you read the devotional, then the Bible verses and think about and meditate on it. It’s a way to bring God’s word into focus and give you something to think about throughout the day in order to bring you closer to Him. It sounds like yours would work the same way.

      You know those word of the day calendars? It’s kind of the same concept. With those, you try to use the word throughout the day so that by the end of the day, you’ve added a new word to your vocabulary. With a devotional, you meditate on the verse and its meaning throughout the day, so that by the end of the day, you’re that much closer to God and have a better understanding of that piece of Scripture and how it applies to your life. I hope that helps!!

        1. Jessica Post author

          Don’t feel foolish! You can’t be expected to just “know” how to do some things- it’s always good to ask if you’re unsure, and I’m definitely here to help if you need me! I hope you enjoy the devotional and God uses it to do a lot of good in your life and your relationship with Him!

  4. Amba @ Team Mummy

    Aw, so exciting!
    I have to ask – do you guys have to ask for help from granparents or do they just offer? You’re mums sound amazing! I wish we had mums like that, we usually have to ask my husbands mum, I hate asking! I feel weird like I’m burdening her with both the kids. And my mum is no longer around so I really miss that :)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Amba, the grandparents offer! And if we say no, they keep offering until we say yes! They’re really fantastic.

  5. Tara

    Total side note but I just started watching Downton Abbey on my Kindle the other night on my stationary bike and I LOVE it!


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