Waiting 4 Baby

I just got back from my 36/37 week appointment (I’m 36w2d), and it looks like I’m making some more progress! I’m now at 4 cm and still 80%/ -2 station. I haven’t had too many contractions, granted I get way more in the evening than I do during the day. Still, I’ve progressed one centimeter in about four days, so I’m guessing things will really start moving now that bed rest is behind me. After checking me, my doctor and I chatted for a bit. She told me call for pretty much anything because I am so far progressed and just with my history, they don’t want to take any chances and have me deliver in the car! She did tell me that when I come in next Tuesday (Valentine’s Day), to bring my hospital bag with me because if I’m dilated past 5 cm, they’re checking me into the hospital. So. Unless I just don’t progress between now and then, it looks like we’ll have a baby by Valentine’s Day. Wow.

If you ask me? I think he’ll come before then. Today, I’ve started to get back pain and downward pressure with my contractions, which is how it felt when I started to go into actual labor with Knox, so I really don’t think it will be much longer. I just hope I start to feel better soon because I have a stupid sinus infection and so does Trevor. Knox gave us both his illness which has turned into this fun stuff- we are both on antibiotics, now, though, so at least we won’t be contagious to Brody. Still, I’d rather feel good going into labor and delivery, rather than be all stuffy and congested! I feel better than I did yesterday, though, so at least I’m moving in the right direction!

Here at home, I *think* we’re ready for him! I cleaned the mess (literally) out of this house on Saturday and have been psychotically spot cleaning since then. I sterlized all the pump parts/ bottles/ pacifiers today and my hospital bag (and his) are packed and ready to go. I have thought pretty much nothing about labor and delivery until now, and when I start to get uncomfortable contractions, I think “oh crap.” Ha! It’s too late to turn back now!

So now, we wait. Feel free to venture a guess as to when the little man will arrive, I am guessing the 7th or the 13th… we shall see!

Oh, and apparently, I am giving birth to a full-grown man. Look. At. This. Belly.

36 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Brody

P.S. I’m not taking my laptop to the hospital with me, so if you want to know when labor stuff starts to happen, make sure you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter because I can update those from my phone!

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25 thoughts on “Waiting 4 Baby

  1. Kelly

    You look awesome, & totally full term…:)

    I’m guessing your little man will make his grand entrance on Feb 8th! My sons 1st birthday!

  2. Kristal

    I’ll be praying for an easy delivery and a very healthy baby! Even though it looks like he will be coming early, I hope you all will have a very short hospital stay. :)

  3. Mrs. S

    YAY! I think Brody will be here by the weekend. I hope that you continue to feel better, being under the weather while you’re in labor is just not fair!

    You look amazing. I am so excited and cannot wait to see his cute face! Home stretch!

  4. Lea

    So glad your doing well and able to be off of bed rest!!
    Looks like we may have boys born close together! Ive been dialted 4 and 75 % effaced since last week, and I am being induced the 13th unless I go on my own ( don’t think so)! You lok great mama!!

    I love his nursery!!! You did a great job!!

    1. Jessica Post author

      So exciting Lea! We have been hoping for the 13th because its Trevor’s grandfathers bday- Brody’s middle name comes from him, so we think that would be so neat! Good luck with your labor and delivery, I’ll send some prayers your way!!

  5. Chelley

    I’m one of your newest followers. TODAY is my due date with baby number 2 (my oldest is almost the same age as Knox) and I am not making any progress yet :-(. I’m soooooo jealous that you will probably have a baby this week! I know you had to be on bedrest and everything, so I don’t envy that, but I am SO ready to have this baby!

    Congrats! You look fantastic!

  6. Ginnie

    You look great! Good luck over the next few days/week. I will def be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for Brody’s arrival.

    I think it will be the 8th. Solely for the fact that the 8th is my birthday :-) so its a good day.

  7. t.bird

    my birthday is the 10th. so that’s when brody is coming. so let it be written.

    but seriously- how are you having a baby already? you just told us you were knocked up…impossible.

  8. Marcie

    It stinks that you and Trevor are both feeling yucky. Hope that the medicine kicks in and yall are well by the time Brody decides to make his grand debut!
    You are rockin that belly! Can’t believe they aren’t keeping you at the hospital! 4cm is alot!

  9. Kelly

    I think tomorrow will be D-Day. Praying for a quick, easy, and pain free delivery and for getting to go home right away!! You can do this momma!


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