A quick before and after

There was a nail hole beside our front door that’s driven me crazy forever. The previous owners had some kind of plaque up by the door and took it out, leaving a giant hole in our siding. So pretty. I knew I needed something to cover it up, so I started searching online. Um, yeah. Address plaques are ridiculously expensive. We have a door knocker on our door that I adore, I can’t remember where I found it, but it was an online buy a few years ago.

Pineapples are the symbol for hospitality and are a very Southern thing. I have them scattered around our house and absolutely love their look and connotation. I figured something similar would look good but couldn’t find anything in budget. Then, I decided to look at some thrifted stuff on etsy and struck gold. Literally.

I found this pineapple welcome plaque and fell in love with the cute vintage design… but not the shiny brass color! However, being that color is really a non-issue when something can be painted, I went ahead and bought it for a cool $10. TEN. DOLLARS. That’s cheaper than a door mat!

Once it came in, I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and sanded it ever so slightly to give it the same worn effect our door knocker has.

Perfect! A new look for just $10 and some spray paint I already had?! That’s what I call a successful crafting session!


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4 thoughts on “A quick before and after

  1. Andie

    Love that! Fun fact- I was a tour guide at an antebellum home here when I was in high school and one of the antique furniture beds had pineapple posts on the top that were removable… if someone overstayed their welcome at this house- then the servants would remove the pineapples off the posts as a hint for them to leave! I thought that was clever (and funny)

    but I love what you came up with. super cute! :)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Andie, that is hilarious!! Our bed has pineapple-esque posts… Maybe that can be my hint to Trevor if he’s in the doghouse! Ha!


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