Paint, stain and fake age spots.

Despite the fact that I’ve been dying of illness all weekend, we managed to get a LOT done yesterday with our house projects. Thank goodness because I am starting to panic that I won’t be finished by my self-imposed July 7 deadline (the day I’m hosting a double baby shower at our house). The beadboard in the kitchen was essentially finished aside from missing some crown molding. When Trevor removed the existing molding, he discovered some odd angled cuts- his grandfather, Pop, used to be a builder and explained that Trevor needed to “cope” the molding- luckily he knew exactly how to do this and came over and helped him finish that up yesterday. Yay! I can’t wait to get our open shelving up on this wall so I can have an organized kitchen again!

While they were coping, I was painting. And painting. And painting. Have I mentioned that I loathe painting? I adore a good “before and after” but the “during?” Does anyone actually like the “during” part? I think not. Anyway, I finally painted the beadboard wallpaper in the dining room with a white semi-gloss, and it looks great! I am so happy with my decision to use that in there because it really ties together the kitchen and dining room. I still have to repaint the red the same rusty orange the kitchen used to be/kind of still is, but that can wait until after the baby shower!

I also spent a good portion of the day sanding. I had to sand the butcher block for our island re-do before I could stain it. We brought it inside briefly after Trevor cut it to get a better idea of how it would look. It’s sitting on top our our existing top, and you can see we went shorter with it this time. We wanted to broaden our walkway in the kitchen to make it feel bigger, so I think this will help a lot.

Ikea had a thin protective coat over the wood, so I used 80 grit sandpaper to remove that, then 120 grit to smooth it out, then 220 grit to really smooth it out. Yeah… that was tedious. Then, I applied a wood conditioner, then the stain. I was so nervous to wipe the stain off after the disastrous experience I had with trying to stain Brody’s dresser (that wasn’t actually a solid piece of wood… live and learn), but thankfully, it worked as it should have!

Stain applied... I let it sit for a good 20 minutes before wiping it off.

I did two coats of stain and think I’ll do one more tonight before I start sealing it with the Waterlox because apparently the Waterlox will cause the stain to lighten a shade, and I’m pretty happy with the current color. Side note: I got stain all over myself. I looked like I had age spots all over my hands because somehow, I managed to spray stain all over my hands, arms and neck. Yes, it was very attractive. Luckily, some painter’s wipes took care of my false premature aging.

What’s left to do? Oh, only painting all the kitchen beadboard, trim and cabinetry. Painting the walls in the kitchen and living room. Building and hanging our open shelving in the kitchen. Hanging a new ceiling fan in the living room. You know, just a couple quick things. One day I’ll learn to take on only one project at a time. Maybe.

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2 thoughts on “Paint, stain and fake age spots.

  1. Becca

    I love the darker butcher block. Ikea has the best prices on it! Totally my plan for when we re-do counter tops. Good job.


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