Water Baby

We went to a swim party for my little cousin this past weekend, and I knew Knox would have a great time. I just didn’t realize how great of a time it would really be! The last time he was in a pool was last May on our vacation to the beach. However, the way he acts in the bathtub now, I figured he would love it even more. Every single day when he takes a bath, he dunks his face under the water and laughs. He loves to be wet, and he loves to splash.

When we first got him in the pool, he wriggled to try to swim by himself, not realizing how deep the pool was. Even when he’d swallow some pool water and come up sputtering, he’d laugh about it. He was even starting to kick his legs and try to float on his back. That’s when Trevor showed him how to jump in the pool. Oh. My. Gosh. I swear, he jumped in 50 times in a row. He’d get his toes right on the edge, then either jump or just step in and Trevor would catch him. Of course, he hadn’t taken a nap on this day, so I knew he was going to wear himself out. I think Trevor was pretty tired, too, after playing this game so many times!

… and the aftermath. This was five minutes into the car ride home. We even had to skip the birthday cake because he was fading fast!

We had been talking about getting a baby pool for the back deck at our house, but Trevor’s dad beat us to it. He brought over the biggest hard plastic baby pool that they make, complete with built-in sliding board. To say that Knox is in love is perhaps the understatement of the century. He would spend every waking second in his pool if we’d let him. The first day he and his Grandpa played in it, I think he was literally in it all day- probably four or five hours total. He never got tired of it, and by the end of the day was even taking the slide head-first! This boy knows no fear! He also thinks splashing his mother is HILARIOUS, especially when I tell him not to! He looks at me and smirks while he does it. Little toad! He likes me to watch him while he goes down the slide and balances at the top waiting for me to count him down. He loves that I say “whooo!” when he goes down and has started looking back at me when he is finished and says “WOOO!” He also likes to “float” and dunk his head under the water… is this not the face of a truly happy kid?

The next morning, at 7:30, he was ready to go back in. He came and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door, and when I refused to open it, he took matters into his own hands. Darn child-proof door knob foils his best plans!

He’s been in his pool every day this week, and I don’t foresee him slowing down any time soon! We’re thinking about swim lessons for him… this may be our little Olympic swimmer!

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3 thoughts on “Water Baby

  1. Megan

    We enrolled Connor in lessons when he was 15 months old and he’s been swimming weekly since. The first couple months – hysterics in the water but we didn’t give up, knowing how hot it gets in Reno and wanting desperately for him to not be afraid and to know how to stay safe in the water. And then, suddenly – it clicked and suddenly he was IN LOVE with the water. He’s advanced through both Mommy & me classes and this Thursday starts in his first class with just an instructor and without a parent in the water with him, which seems impossible – such a big boy! He swims for a 10 second count and can even get rings from the bottom of a shallow pool. Amazing and so glad we stuck with it…if we have any regrets it’s that we didn’t start him sooner! We’ll definitely get Baby Sister in the water sooner than we did Connor. Sounds like you have a water baby on your hands for sure – Knox would love lessons! :)


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