Take it easy

This week, I am taking a much-needed vacation with my boys. We are enjoying the change of scenery and are soaking up the sun and the salty air. I can’t express how much I love to be at the beach- I swear the ocean soothes the soul!

Last years vacation was in May (Brody was conceived about two weeks later, so he didn’t get to experience that trip!), and Knox was terrified of the beach. He screamed in the sand, he screamed in the ocean, but he adored the pool- needless to say, we spent our days soaked in chlorine. This year?? He literally ran to the ocean. He was thrilled with the sand, and we have a hard time getting him back inside! He has had a fantastic time jumping waves with us and getting buried in the sand (his absolute favorite). Brody took an amazing nap on the beach so I was actually able to relax in the sand. I bought one of those little half-moon cabanas you stake down for $25, and it was perfect for us! It gave Brody complete shade, enough privacy for me to nurse and still let in that cool ocean breeze.

Today we ran around to a few places and didn’t go to the beach, so I am itching to get back out. I’m so glad we waited this late to go because the temperature is a perfect 80 degrees, so we don’t feel like we are going to combust after an hour outside.

It’s definitely not the most restful of vacations considering we are still chasing Knox all over and toting Brody while he screams, but still, it’s nice to get away from real life for a while!

I’ll be back soon with pictures!

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8 thoughts on “Take it easy

  1. Tracy

    I love going to the beach in September or October b/c it’s still warm but not blistering hot. But, alas, my oldest is in school now, so no more fall vacations for us. Last fall my youngest was 10 months, and he was perfect on the beach. He didn’t crawl around that much since it was a new texture, so he stayed put. This year…yeah, he doesn’t stop. He’s in the “must be moving at all times” phase. I look back on last fall and just blissfully sigh. ;) We had one day at the beach, then my oldest spent the rest of the vacation in the hospital. But that one day was so perfect.

  2. Amanda

    We’re headed to the OBX on Sunday for a week. Can’t wait! Question, what is the $25 “cabana” you bought? I’ve been looking for one. Thanks!

    1. Jessica Post author

      I hope you have a great trip! It’s called a beach cabana and the brand is “Surfgear.” I bought it from one of those typical beach shops. It looks like a tent. The web site on the box is gjmbeach.com.

  3. Tiffany

    Sounds a lot like our trip to Wrightsville Beach on Sunday. My mom gave us one of those cabanas and it was perfect for discreetly nursing and keeping my 4-month old out of the sun. My 2-year-old loved playing in the sand and the water. Which beach do y’all go to?

    1. Jessica Post author

      We are at Myrtle Beach. My parents have a condo there so it’s free (which is why we come here yearly!). Though our weather has taken a turn and it’s gross! We are probably heading back early.


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