It has to be said.

I love Pinterest. Truly, I may even have a Pinterest problem. Every night before bed, I read my Bible, check my email and do a little Pinterest-ing from the comfort of my bed. That’s really my only alone-time during the day, so it’s highly coveted. Amidst all of the pins blowing up my feed, sometimes, things stand out. Not for a good reason, mind you. Y’all, there are some things about Pinterest that are really annoying. For example, probably my biggest pet peeve involves something typed frequently as a note for pins. This particular phrase irritates me so badly, that I even made an e-card (you know, in the spirit of things): - Pinterest Etiquette Rule #1: Never type

Pin that (and don’t you dare type “pin now, read later” in the comments!), and stop the madness!

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9 thoughts on “It has to be said.

  1. Caitlin MidAtlantic

    UGH! I totally agree. I also can’t stand the 8,345,234 great recipes! ones – Um, that’s a website. I just want quick links from my pins, thank you very much! And since when did Americans start saying “must” all the time? I must pin this? No, thanks!

  2. Rachel

    I love Pinterest too, but I almost never have the time to actually complete any of the great projects. I’m pretty much a failure at truly using Pinterest!

  3. WeeMason's Mom

    I actually have an entire BOARD of stuff that is titled “Look at me Later” The way I’ve always looked at it is that Pinterest is a place to pin stuff that you want to share with others and that you think is awesome. The “look at me later” board is stuff that I really can’t vouch for at all – the title is catchy but I haven’t even clicked on the link so for all I know, it could be a total dud.

    A picture of a Halloween costume or a yummy sounding recipe is pretty straight forward – I either like it or I think it sounds great or I don’t, but a list of 40 ways to get my toddler to listen – well, that could be a total flop until I actually have time to read it.

    Eh, probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone else, but it works for me :o)

    1. Jessica Post author

      Well see, that makes sense! To me, Pinterest is idea hoarding, so that’s how I treat it! All of my boards are like little filing cabinets that i go back over when i have downtime. LOL- to each his own I guess! Do what works for you! :)


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