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School, solid food and a shaggy dog.

Both boys are officially back to school. THANK YOU, LORD. They were getting major cabin fever and really needed to get back into some sort of structured schedule with lots of friend interaction time. They’re so much happier when they are in school, which makes us happy that they’re happy. Knox went back about two weeks before Brody, and he was absolutely thrilled. We are doing kindergarten again for him, but this time, he’s in a mainstream class, which is amazing. He already knows his teacher (who is probably the most precious woman in the universe) from last year, because his class and her class went to recess and related arts together. She genuinely loves Knox, and we feel incredibly secure knowing she is the one looking after him all day.


Brody is in four year-old preschool at our church, and I cannot believe this is his last year of preschool. How did that happen already?? He loves school and does really well, and I love that he’s just upstairs while I’m at work. I pick him up and take him home on my lunch break, so that’s really nice to still get to have some Brody-time during my work day. He is the silliest kid, and his one-liners are hysterical. His sassy mouth gets him into trouble frequently, but you can’t stay mad at him because he’ll have you laughing minutes later.


And Ford. Sweet Ford. He’s seven months old. I know, it’s ridiculous. I swear, with this third baby, time moves at warp speed. He’s eating solid food, now, and his favorite thing is a chunk of banana in his little mesh feeder. He makes a disastrous mess, but he’s happy as a clam covered in mushy banana sludge. He is so social and loves to be with people. He doesn’t have stranger anxiety at all, but I’m definitely  his favorite person. We laugh at him because if he’s being held by anyone other than me and catches sight of me, he will let you know of his disdain. And once he gets back in my arms, he’ll stare down whoever just had him with this look of “see? This is my mom. This is what I wanted.” I love him to pieces.



Those wiggly legs :)

Then there’s Carly. Oh, Carly. She has made so much progress over the past week, it’s been great. She now understands her potty bell on the front door and rang it twice last night to let us know she needed to go out. She was inside for about four hours yesterday without an accident (I hesitate to even type that, for fear I’ll jinx myself). Right now our main struggle with her is the fact that she’s huge and doesn’t realize it. She loves to jump on the boys, and those poor kids get scratched up like crazy. She caught Brody right in the face yesterday. He loves her so much, so he’s over it quickly, but we’re working on her manners! She’s going to be massive, so she needs to learn to control herself before then!


My sister got a Corgi named Thor, who is one day older than Carly, and he’s come over several times to play. Poor Thor. Carly loves nothing more than to stand over top of him like a bridge and drive him nuts. The kids love him, though. Especially Ford. Also, Thor is becoming Insta-famous. He’s cooler than all of us, for sure.


That’s what’s up with us right now. Thrilling, I know, but I’m scared my blog is going to shrivel up if I don’t type on it at least once a month. Bye.

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    Love the new blog format! Kinda fancy-schmancy 😉 Glad the boys are doing well. This time in their lives moves at warp speed! It seems like only yesterday my youngest was a baby and my older was a preschooler…now they’re 1st and 4th graders! How time flies…

    September 16, 2016 at 8:48 am
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