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Sometimes, you just have to show up.

Sometimes, you just have to show up. Have you ever felt like God was about to do something, but you had no idea what it was? I’ve felt that way for months, and it’s been driving me crazy. I’ve had this restless sense in my spirit and just could not figure out what it meant. I’ve been a part of an amazing group of ladies for the past six months, and we meet weekly to study Scripture together (and laugh. And talk. And laugh.). I’ve talked about it with them, they’ve prayed for me about it, and it wasn’t until just over the past two weeks that I have started to gain some clarity.

I work at a church. An awesome church that I adore being a part of, and I have a great job as a communications director. Seriously, I am blessed beyond reason with this job. Being around ministry every day is so great, and having my work go toward supporting the Kingdom is so fulfilling. Even so, I had this feeling of “I’m supposed to be doing something more” that I didn’t understand and couldn’t shake. I knew it wasn’t discontent with my job… so what was it?? Now I know.

Our women’s ministry at church needed new leadership, and I have been feeling drawn toward women’s ministry. I love blogging, interacting with you ladies and being involved with the women at my church, and I feel so strongly about empowering women, so I knew it would be something I enjoyed. So myself and two other sweet friends, Karie and Elizabeth, took on this ministry and got to work. We prayed, we planned and we prayed some more as we dug in and sought God’s will for the women at our church. Yesterday was our launch event, and God was all over it.

You can spend lots of time planning for something, but sometimes, things don’t come together. Then there are the other times, where lots of time and effort come together with God’s favor and everything goes smoothly, but more than that–it goes better than you could have ever hoped it would go. That was yesterday.

Our goal was for true multigenerational community, and we got it in droves. Women, of all ages and stages, worshiping and fellowshipping together, and it was awesome. When I got up on stage to address these precious women, it clicked for me: this is what I want to do. Authentic community for women is sorely needed- there’s so much fake out there for us, but what we need, and what God wants for us, is to be real with one another. Being a facilitator of that was just beyond wonderful.


Our guest speaker was Jess Connolly, and she was perfect. Debbie Hopper of Seacoast Women’s Ministry was planning to be there, as well, but her flight back from Africa was changed, so she was present with us in video form—Debbie is Jess’ mom, which is a hilarious story, because I had zero idea of that when I first talked to Debbie to seek some of her boundless wisdom about women’s ministry. Jess delivered a heartfelt word that resonated so deeply with our women. Then, we had fun and bonded by being creative and learning new things together. One woman after another came up to us, thanking us for the day, and we just kept telling them that we were just doing what God led us to do, and that it was His hand on the day that made it what it was. We showed up, listened to His prompting and He did the rest.

There’s a verse in Acts that I was reading this week that hit home for me:

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on talking until midnight. There were many lamps in the upstairs room where we were meeting. Seated in a window was a young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead. Paul went down, threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “He’s alive!” Then he went upstairs again and broke bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left. The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.” – Acts 20:7-12

Paul was doing what he felt led to do, and he kept preaching into the wee hours because he intended to leave the next day. Well, God intended to do a little more than old Paul had planned. Poor Eutychus couldn’t keep his eyes open and passed out, then fell to his death—not exactly what you expect during a Bible study! But God. Paul went down to the man, and through God’s power in him, raised the young man back to life. It wasn’t any power of Paul’s that performed this miracle, but because Paul showed up and was obedient to the call, God did more than he could have ever imagined through him. Sometimes, you just have to show up.

That’s what I want for us, ladies. I want for us to show up for one another and do God’s will- to grow in community, to grow together and to serve together, because if we’re faithful to that call God is going to move big time through us. Let’s be ready and willing to move into whatever God is calling us to do because he that promised is faithful. Every single time.


Elizabeth, Jess, Me and Karie

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